Skin Spots

Australians love our sunburnt country! While this is a much-loved poem, it is also the reality for many of us. The majority of Australians have spent years in the sun, which means a lot of skin trauma.

While most of us are responsible and ‘cover up’ when we go to the beach or to a BBQ, the fact is, it is the incidental sun exposure, such as when we are in the car or out on a cloudy day, that causes most skin damage.

A few cases of sunburn later, and, before we know it, we have developed ‘spots’ of pigmentation on our skin. These are often called freckles and age, liver, or sun spots, and can age our appearance dramatically, making us look older than we actually are.

Pigmentation Care By Sia, now offers the latest techniques and technology to permanently remove these from the skin, giving you a younger appearance.

So if repeated UV exposure has added some brown spots to your skin you wish were not there, visit Laser By Sia.

The following before and after images have been taken at Pigmentation Care by Sia showing the result one of our clients has received after treatment, the images are original images and have not been modified in any way other than resized to fit on our web site

Skin spots

Skin spots

Skin Spots
After years of UV damage, our melanin becomes unstable, leading to skin spots. These can mar an otherwise flawless complexion. Brown or darker spots on the skin are the worst – sometimes these are so dark they almost seem black! They can appear anywhere you have skin.

What causes this pigmentation?
Solar lentigos are the technical name for sun spots on the skin.  These are not cancerous and appear on the areas of skin that are more exposed to UV rays. Melasma is pigmentation or skin spots that are stimulated by hormones, and in darker skin tones, injuries can result in dark or black spots in the skin.


How does laser get rid of pigmentation?

At Pigmentation Care By Sia, we use the most advanced international, Candela Alexandrite lasers to remove your pigmentation, and not old technology, like IPL. Our alexandrite laser emits a precise wavelength to attach itself to the melanin in your pigment, meaning no more black skin spots or brown spots or patches on your skin – ever.
Will laser work on my pigmentation?
Got a skin spot you wish wasn’t there? Chances are, you have more than one or two! Laser pigmentation removal is very effective on these skin conditions caused by hormones and UV rays, and if we can’t remove hyperpigmentation or skin spots with laser, we can use our all-natural skin care.

About laser
Laser uses no chemicals or gels, and Pigmentation Care By Sia’s technology is the best there is because the laser emits an exact light wavelength. So, if you have been searching for a solution to liver spots on the skin, or have some hormonal pigmentation causing dark skin spots but haven’t found the right option for you, contact one of the most recommended laser pigmentation removal clinics in Sydney now.


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