Skin Lightening

Wondering how to lighten your skin? Skin lightening has been popular in some European and Asian countries for many years and the look has finally made its way down under.

Some people who are trying to achieve this lighter and fairer complexion turn to skin lightening creams.

But these skin lightening products have some serious drawbacks. While some people are naturally fair and achieve this lighter look easily, people with darker complexions can use a lot of these skin lightener creams with little effect.

Not only do skin lighteners not work on some people, unfortunately, many of these popular skin lightening creams contain harsh chemicals with can age and even burn your skin!

Previously, hyperpigmentation treatments included skin lightening gels or cream or other topical treatments to lighten skin. Sadly, these skin lightening products often didn’t work and even caused permanent harm.

Fortunately, if you are looking to lighten skin tone or remove hyperpigmentation, the most respected laser pigmentation removal clinic in Sydney, Pigmentation Care By Sia, has the best treatments available worldwide today. Our cutting edge treatments mean you can ditch the harsh skin lighteners permanently, so contact Pigmentation Care By Sia today for a free consultation and get the skin you want!

Skin Lightening

It is important to remember that there is no machine that can lighten your natural genetic skin colour and laser is only used to remove excess hyperpigmentation. When it comes to lightening your overall skin tone, most doctors and dermatologists prescribe HYDROQUINONE to lighten skin pigmentation. Hydroquinone is in most over-the-counter skin lightener cream. Unfortunately, this substance in even the best skin lighteners can be very damaging. This chemical in skin lightener lotion is banned in many countries, and is the subject of many skin lightening horror stories and reports. At Pigmentation Care By Sia, we recommend against using skin lightening agents containing hydroquinone. Instead, we use natural, effective skin lighteners and pigment inhibitors in our skincare products to naturally lighten the skin tone and inhibit pigmentation without chemicals, for effective skin lightening over time. Recognised as one of the best skin lightening products available, Pigmentation Care By Sia’s range of skincare to lighten skin will improve the overall condition of your complexion too!


As we age the melanin, produced in the dermis, becomes more unstable. It is this melanin that is responsible for age spots, sun spots and melasma. Hyperpigmentation is mainly cased by UV exposure, but hormones, medications and skin injuries can also be factors. These black or brown melanin spots can appear anywhere you have skin, including your face, arms, legs, chest and hands, and are almost impossible to remove or treat with lighteners. Sadly, many people turn to skin lightening products to remove this hyperpigmentation, only to be disappointed with the results.

Hyperpigmentation creams

There are many different creams for hyperpigmentation that claim to be the best at lightening skin tone. These skin lightener products come in many different forms, including skin lightening soap, facial skin lighteners, ‘super’ skin lighteners, home skin lighteners and even facials for lightening skin! Regardless, most contain harsh chemicals, including hydroquinone. Despite their claims to the contrary, even the top skin lighteners available and the array of other products available to fade hyperpigmentation are ineffective.  Even the strong products for fast skin lightening don’t work well because they just don’t get down to where the problem is. Plus, these creams used for skin lightening on the body or face can be dangerous.

Hyperpigmentation-creams How does laser treat hyperpigmentation?

We use the latest in international laser technology to penetrate down to the deep dermal layers of the skin, where the hyperpigmentation originates and where skin lightening lotions and gels cannot reach.

How-does-laser-treat-hyperpigmentation How long does it take?

Unlike skin lightener products, which can take weeks or months to achieve even a superficial result, hyperpigmentation removal takes from five to fifteen minutes per session, with a few sessions needed. Unlike using harsh skin lightening agents to bleach your skin, laser uses absolutely no chemicals. So if you are currently using chemicals to lighten skin or remove excess pigment but don’t like what they do to your skin, contact Pigmentation Care By Sia.

Still not convinced?

Even the best skin lightening creams in Australia still contain harsh chemicals like hydroquinone and other nasties, which can dry out and damage your skin. These skin lightening complexes and so-called permanent skin lighteners only treat the surface layer of your excess pigmentation and do not reach the deeper layers of the skin when your pigment actually originates! Also, if you skin is very fair or sensitive, even the ‘best’ chemical skin lightener can cause burns and result in even more pigmentation. Don’t risk burns or making your pigmentation worse when laser is the best, most effective option available for removing excess pigmentation and Pigmentation Care By Sia has a range of natural, chemical free lightening skin care.

Why choose Pigmentation Care by Sia?

Many people turn to expensive skin lightening crème when wondering how to lighten skin tone. Similarly, sufferers of hyperpigmentation use skin lightening or bleaching to remove their sun spots or freckles. But Pigmentation Care By Sia specialises in both these issues. We can offer laser hyperpigmentation removal, even on darker skins, and we have the best skin lightening products to lighten your overall skin tone. So if you have been searching for an alternative to chemical skin lightening cosmetics and treatments, but haven’t found the right option for you, book now!

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