Hyperpigmentation, or sun spots, freckles or other concentrations of excess pigment, is caused by the melanin in our skin. Many Australian suffer from hyperpigmentation. Skin hyperpigmentation can appear as age spots, freckles and more. Hyperpigmentation causes can vary, but the main offender is UV exposure.

The following two images show the results we can achieve after only two treatments.

Hyperpigmentation before  Hyperpigmentation after

Hyperpigmentation can be annoying and aging. Previously, hyperpigmentation treatments included thick makeup, or hyperpigmentation cream to try and hide or fade it. Sadly, these hyperpigmentation products often caused adverse reactions.

Pigmentation Care By Sia now offers laser hyperpigmentation removal. Laser treatment is the most effective treatment for hyperpigmentation available worldwide, and will reduce, and in some cases, even permanently remove your hyperpigmentation.

So if UV exposure has left you with hyperpigmentation, contact Pigmentation Care By Sia for a free consultation.

Hyperpigmentation can be caused by sun damage, skin trauma or injuries, such as acne, or hormones. People with dark skin pigmentation are also more prone to hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation of the skin is caused by an excess production of melanin, which is produced by melanocytes at the lower layer of the dermis. As the body ages, melanocyte distribution becomes more concentrated in some areas and less controlled. UV exposure also stimulates the melanocytes, causing the uneven pigmentation on the skin. These spots can appear anywhere.

What causes hyperpigmentation?
There are three main causes of skin hyperpigmentation: UV rays, trauma and hormones. This hyperpigmentation of the skin is not cancerous.
Melasma is hyperpigmentation that is stimulated by a combination of oestrogen and UV rays, and usually appears on the face. Understandably, hyperpigmentation on the face is unsightly and embarrassing.  Post-trauma hyper pigmentation, also known as acne hyperpigmentation, appears as dark or black pigmentation spots on the skin, and is caused by an injury to the skin.

Hyperpigmentation creams
Wondering how to get rid of hyperpigmentation? Sadly, many products designed to fade hyperpigmentation are ineffective.  These hyperpigmentation products only treat the surface layer of the skin and do not reach down to where the pigmentation actually starts. Also, these products used to lighten skin pigmentation contain harsh chemicals that can burn your skin.

How does laser treat hyperpigmentation?
At Pigmentation Care By Sia, our treatments for hyperpigmentation use the latest laser technology to get rid of hyperpigmentation marks by treating down to the dermal layers of the skin, where the hyperpigmentation actually originates.

Will laser work on my hyperpigmentation?
Pigmentation Care By Sia can get rid of most hyperpigmentation problems. Laser treatment of hyperpigmentation is the most effective way of getting rid of hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure and hormones. Hyperpigmentation or black spots on the skin caused by injury is more stubborn, but our skin care can be very effective against this.

How long does it take?
Laser hyperpigmentation removal takes only minutes, as compared to hyperpigmentation lotion, which can take weeks or months. Treating facial hyperpigmentation takes fewer than five minutes, and larger areas take a few minutes more. You will need a number of laser treatments for the most effective removal of unwanted pigmentation or spots on the skin.

Pigmentation Care By Sia can quickly rid you of dark pigmentation on the face or body, so you no longer have to use damaging and slow hyperpigmentation gels.

How do I take care of my skin after my laser treatment?
After treating hyperpigmentation it is important you don’t pick or exfoliate the resulting micro scabbing, and you must protect your skin from the sun so the pigment doesn’t return.
Why choose Pigmentation Care by Sia?
There are many causes of hyperpigmentation and it can be confusing when deciding how best to treat it. But no matter what the cause, this brown pigmentation looks ‘dirty’, can be unsightly and can age your appearance.  But Pigmentation Care By Sia has a new way forward in pigmentation removal, even on darker skins. Our pigmentation removal treats all kinds of brown skin pigmentation. So if you have been wondering about how to treat pigmentation, book now!

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