They are the bane of our existence: freckles! We hate them and will do just about anything to make them go away! But sadly, these are inevitable for many people, as the majority of Australians have spent a lifetime in the sun. While summer is fun and sun season, it is also freckle season for many people. Despite our best efforts to protect our skin, they appear and leave us wondering how to cover them up! These spots mar an otherwise perfect complexion and can age our appearance dramatically, making us look older than we actually are. Desperate, many people turn to ineffective creams. Marketed as freckle ‘removing’ creams, most users find these ineffective and can even sometimes cause nasty side effects. Pigmentation Care By Sia now offers the latest techniques and technology to reduce and in some cases remove freckles permanently. Contact Pigmentation Care By Sia today!

What causes freckles?

Melanin occurs naturally in our skin to protect us from cancer-causing UV rays. But repeated burns and UV exposure sometimes causes our melanin to become unstable, causing freckles, age spots and sun spots.
Freckle creams

Freckle cream People with freckles often turn to creams that claim to fade or even get rid of freckles altogether. These treatments are universally ineffective. Most of the time, these creams only bleach the skin surface, lightening spots temporarily. Soon enough, the freckles return, as the creams cannot get to the deeper layers of the skin where the pigment originates. This can also be dangerous, as many bleaching creams contain harsh chemicals which can causes rashes and burns. By its very nature, fair skin is delicate and sensitive. Aside from creams, other people also opt to use thick make up to cover up, which is also bad for your skin.

How does laser remove freckles?

At Pigmentation Care By Sia, we have found our laser technology to be the best for removing your freckles, because of the exact wavelength they emit. IPL does not use an exact wavelength, so it is therefore not as effective. Pigmentation Care By Sia’s technology attaches to the melanin in your pigment and breaks it down, reducing freckles.

How-does-laser-remove-freckles Do freckles go away?

If you have fair skin, it is almost impossible to prevent freckles. And once they appear, they will not fade naturally, even if you stay out of the sun. The best way to treat them is to remove them with the use of laser and then be sure to limit UV exposure. At the same time, always wear a physical, not a chemical, sunscreen when out in the sun. If your freckles are the result of sun damage, laser treatment will get rid of them almost completely. But be sure to cover up in the sun to prevent them from returning!

How to get rid of freckles, fast!

Wondering about how to get rid of freckles naturally? Tired of ineffective creams? Want to make your freckles go away? Laser pigmentation removal is very effective on freckles caused by sun exposure and hormones. Our lasers work to even out your complexion and skin tone. In fact, we can remove most excess pigmentation from most skin tones.

How long does laser removal of freckles take? 

Laser treatment for freckles takes only minutes, and is chemical-free, for a natural blemish removal.

How do I take care of my skin after my laser treatment?

After your laser treatments, you must follow with your post-treatment routine, which will be explained by your therapist. You must also wear a mineral sunscreen, to stop freckles from reappearing.

Still not convinced?

Many people wonder how to get rid of freckles at home. The fact is, there is no effective way to remove them with creams or lotions yourself. These chemical removers only bleach the freckles on the surface layer of the skin. Even if you do not go into the sun, the pigment returns when the skin naturally sheds its surface layers. Pigmentation Care By Sia’s laser treatment will make the freckles disappear! Laser removal costs are negligible next to a lifetime of bleaches and creams, and it only takes minutes. Why hide them when you can permanently get rid of them through laser? Laser is effective and removes freckles for a clear complexion.

Why choose Pigmentation Care by Sia?

Wondering how to lose the freckles? Pigmentation Care By Sia specialises in natural freckle reduction and removal. We can lighten them quickly and easily and once your treatments are complete, you will not have to wonder how to cover or hide them ever again! So if you are searching for a way to lighten or lose your freckles without harsh chemicals, but have not found the right option for you, book now!

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