Age Spots

One day they’re not there, the next they are! You know you hate them: age spots. No matter how well we’ve taken care of ourselves, these appear to betray our age.

 Skin spots

Whether you have one of these on the back of a hand, or a lot on your face, Sydney’s most respected laser clinic, Pigmentation Care By Sia, now specialises in age spot removal.

Many people suffer from this skin condition on the face or body. Brown age spots can be aging. Previously, there was no treatment for these, and sufferers used cream to fade age spots as much as possible. Sadly, this cream was loaded with chemicals.

Fortunately, Pigmentation Care By Sia now offers laser treatment to get rid of age spots! This treatment is the best available worldwide today, and will reduce age spots, and in some cases even eliminate them altogether.

So if repeated UV exposure has left you with facial age spots, visit Pigmentation Care By Sia.

The following before and after images have been taken at Pigmentation Care by Sia showing the result one of our clients has received after treatment, the images are original images and have not been modified in any way other than resized to fit on our web site.

Age Spots
Hyperpigmentation is often caused by sun exposure and can appear as age spots on our hands or face. UV exposure and hormones stimulate our melanin-producing melanocytes, causing them to become overactive and releasing excess melanin into the skin resulting in uneven pigmentation, brown age spots in the skin, and even reverse age spots where the skin pigment has disappeared.

Age spots creams

Many people turn to age spots cream to try to remove these from the skin. But many of these products on the market designed to lighten age spots are ineffective. This so called ‘remedy’ is ineffective because it only treats the superficial layers of the skin and doesn’t get deep enough. These creams can also be harmful and drying, which can contribute to wrinkles! Hydroquinone is in most over-the-counter age spot cream, this chemical can be dangerous and cause bad skin reactions.
At Pigmentation Care By Sia, we strongly recommend against using skin lightening agents containing hydroquinone to bleach age spots. Instead, we use laser for age spots removal and natural, effective age spots skincare products to naturally inhibit pigmentation without harsh chemicals. Laser By Sia’s products are recognised as one of the products available.

How to get rid of age spots
Removing age spots is now quick and easy at Pigmentation Care By Sia. We use the best international technology and not older technology for our treatment. Our alexandrite laser is perfect for getting rid of age spots because it gets deep down to where the pigment starts.

Will laser work on my pigmentation?

Got some brown age spots on your face that are difficult to cover? What about age spots on your hands? Pigmentation Care By Sia can treat and remove most of these problems. Laser is the best treatment for age spots removal and works best on age spots in the skin caused by sun exposure and hormones. Our lasers work to remove these on any skin tone on the face or body except for very dark skins, but these skin tones often response well to our pigmentation skin care.

How long does it take? 
Removal of age spots takes only minutes with laser. Treating the face takes less than five minutes, and a little longer on larger areas of the body. You will need a few laser treatments, 2 to 4 weeks apart, for the most effective results.

What are the extra benefits of removing age spots with laser?
As well as a treatment for age spots on the face or body, the heat from the laser will stimulate collagen and elastin production in the treated area, giving you additional skin toning and reducing fine wrinkles and age spots.

About laser
Unlike using harsh chemicals to fade age spots, laser uses no chemicals and works quickly. So, if you have been searching for a way to remove age spots from your face and are tired of using chemicals or bleach, contact us!

How do I take care of my skin after my laser treatment?
After the treatment, you must strictly follow your post-treatment care routine and protect your skin from the sun.

Still not convinced?
Wondering how to remove age spots? Fading age spots used to be difficult. Creams are just not effective, as they cannot reach deep enough. Most of these creams use harsh chemicals and do nothing but bleach the surface. For the best removal of age spots and hyperpigmentation, laser is the only treatment that gets down deep enough. Laser will reduce pigmentation from the inside out. To truly remove age spots on the face or body, visit Pigmentation Care By Sia.

Why choose Laser by Sia?
Many people have age spots on the skin and it can be confusing when deciding how to remove them. If you have discovered an age spot or two on your face, find them difficult to hide, Pigmentation Care By Sia can get rid of them quickly and easily. In fact, we are often recognised as the best at facial and body age spot removal. So to remove these from your face or body, and as a better alternative to harsh creams, book now!

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