Skin Discolouration Creams

As we age, the melanin in our skin becomes unstable and, following UV exposure or hormones, can clump or concentrate in specific areas, giving us an uneven skin tone.

This skin discolouration can be very aging and unsightly. Understandably, many people consider using over-the-counter creams to try and even out their skin tone for a more youthful appearance.

Unfortunately, these creams can be very harmful as it contains a substance called hydroquinone – a substance that is banned in many other countries.

Fortunately, Pigmentation Care by Sia offers an easy, affordable alternative.

The most respected laser pigmentation removal clinic in Sydney, Pigmentation Care By Sia, now offers laser hyperpigmentation removal as an easy, fast alternative to skin discolouration creams.

So contact Pigmentation Care By Sia today!

Skin discolouration cream

Skin discolouration cream


Skin Discolouration Process

When it comes to lightening your hyperpigmentation, most doctors and dermatologists prescribe skin discolouration creams containing hydroquinone. But this substance, used in various bleaching creams, can be damaging, making your complexion worse!
At Pigmentation Care By Sia, we never use chemical creams. Instead, we use laser and our natural skincare products to effectively lighten excess pigment and inhibit skin discolouration from returning, to naturally even out your skin tone without harsh chemicals.

How long does it take?
Skin discolouration creams can take weeks or months to achieve any result at all, and soon enough your dark spots returns. But hyperpigmentation removal takes only minutes with laser.

Unlike skin bleaches, laser uses zero chemicals and can be used on sensitive areas. So do not just use a chemical cream, contact the most respected laser pigmentation removal clinic in Sydney now.

So get rid of your uneven skin tone and book now!

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