Skin Bleaching Creams


Are you considering using cream to remove your excess pigmentation, age spots, freckles or uneven skin tone?

While various clinics and companies may call their creams skin ‘lighteners’ or ‘whiteners’ and claim they are gentle and safe, the fact is: all these creams do is bleach your skin.

Do you really want to use bleach on your delicate skin? Skin bleaching cream contain damaging chemicals, such as hydroquinone, that can cause permanent damage to your skin. Don’t risk it!

Fortunately, Sydney’s renowned Pigmentation Care By Sia now offer laser treatments so you can ditch the harsh skin bleaching creams.

Laser treatment is amazingly fast and effective on age spots, freckles and uneven skin tone, and will reduce or remove your hyperpigmentation, meaning you can ditch the skin bleaching creams permanently!

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Skin Bleaching Cream

Bleach Process

Skin Bleaching Cream
Did you know most skin bleaching cream sold in Australia contains hydroquinone, a chemical that is actually banned in other countries? A skin bleaching cream is just not worth it if it is going to cost you the health of your skin long term. Alternatively, both our laser treatment for hyperpigmentation and our natural skin lightening products use no chemicals whatsoever.

How long does it take?
Skin bleaching creams can take forever to remove hyperpigmentation. But even then, it is only removed from the surface layers of your skin and soon enough the pigment returns. Laser targets the dermis, where the pigment originates and removes it. In only five minutes, your face can be treated, or in a few minutes more, you can do larger areas. The pigment then takes about two weeks to peels off, revealing a smooth, clear complexion underneath. You will need a few sessions for the best results.

So do something good for your skin and ditch the chemicals and book now!

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