Shoulder Pigmentation


Living in Australia, we have all had ‘a touch of sun’—some of us more than others! But if a lifetime of exposure to UV rays has left you with pigmentation on your shoulders, rest assured that Pigmentation Care By Sia can do something about it.


Pigmentation disorders, or hyperpigmentation, are common in Australia. Pigmentation of the shoulders, or anywhere else on the face or body, occurs when the cells that control the distribution of melanin in our skin, melanocytes, start to clump. This leads to uneven pigmentation distribution, like age spots, freckles, sun spots, dark marks and more.

Previously, only harsh creams could be used to remove this, and both the chemicals in these creams, along with the prohibitive costs of them, made it inefficient for use on large areas of the body, like the shoulders.

But now, Pigmentation Care By Sia can treat shoulder pigmentation in only seconds using zero chemicals.


Our new laser technology precisely targets the excess melanin in the affected area, locks onto it and then, using a process called photothermolysis, destroys it.

This old pigment peels off within one to two weeks, revealing significantly faded pigment underneath. And following your recommended number of treatments, you can be almost completely free of sun spots!

It is important to follow the post-treatment care recommended by your therapist, including treatment of the peeling pigment, and the wearing of sunscreen to prevent the pigment from returning. This will ensure the optimal result from your treatments.

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