Leg Pigmentation


Do you suffer from leg pigmentation? This includes freckles, sun or age spots anywhere on the legs? Do you wish it was not there? Then why not call us at Pigmentation Care By Sia and find out about the latest leg pigmentation removal technology?


Age spots, freckles, liver spots and more are caused by a malfunction of the skin’s melanin. You see, as we age, along with regular exposure to UV rays, the cells that distribute our melanin, melanocytes, become damaged, leading them to distribute the skin’s pigment in a fairly drunken and ad-hoc manner.

And this is what leads to those dark marks on the face or body that drive us mad.

And because the legs are a large area, it is just not economically feasible to use expensive, chemical-based creams to get rid of it. Of course, this may not be such a bad thing when we tell you that the chemical in most of those creams, hydroquinone, is so bad for you it is actually banned in many other countries around the world.

Another problem with the creams—even if you could afford them and were not chock-full of nasties—is that it also takes a long time for their effects to be seen!


But Pigmentation Care By Sia has no such problems; our latest laser technology for pigmentation removal is fast and chemical-free.

Unlike IPL, our laser technology uses a single and precise light wavelength, to target the excess melanin perfectly. It then locks onto it and destroys it with heat. In one to two weeks, this old will peel off, leaving significantly faded pigment behind.


After a recommended number of sessions, the pigment is all but invisible.

So if you want to get rid of leg pigmentation, or pigmentation anywhere else on the face or body, contact Pigmentation Care By Sia now!

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