Hand Pigmentation

Our hands are the first place of anywhere on the face or body to show our age. After a lifetime of being plunged into chemicals, washed with harsh sodium laurel sulfates multiple times a day, not to mention daily incidental UV exposure, our hands start to look old.

Before and after picture of hand pigmentation

hand Pigmentation


And one of the most common ways this occurs is due to hand pigmentation. Hand pigmentation, such as age spots, freckles and liver spots, is caused by a malfunction of our skin’s melanin.

Melanin, controlled by cells called melanocytes, is crucial for our survival as it protects our cells from UV exposure.

But after a lifetime in the sun, these melanocytes start to malfunction, causing the melanin distribution to become uneven and clump in some areas.

To combat this you may consider using hyperpigmentation creams. But tread carefully. These creams contain a dangerous chemical hydroquinone that has actually been banned in other countries!

But now there is something you can do about hand, or other, pigmentation without using chemicals. Pigmentation Care By Sia clinics use the latest laser technology to target the excess pigment precisely and destroy it.

After one to two weeks, your pigment will peel off, leaving significantly faded marks underneath. And after a recommended number of treatments, your hand pigmentation will be all but invisible. And, as an added bonus, the heat from the treatment boosts collagen and elastin in the skin, for skin rejuvenation!

So don’t put up with hand pigmentation making you look older than you are, contact Pigmentation Care By Sia now!




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