Freckles Creams

Freckles. You know you hate them!

No matter how much sunscreen we wear, every year our freckles just seem to get worse.

Many people with unwanted freckles resort to using over-the-counter freckle creams to try to reduce their freckles and even out their skin tone.

Sadly, this freckles cream is often loaded with chemicals, such as hydroquinone, that can cause long term skin problems, including deposits of blue/black pigment in our skin!

Now Pigmentation Care by Sia offers an easy, fast alternative to cream for freckles.

Pigmentation Care By Sia in Sydney, Castle Hill, St Ives and Bondi has laser hyperpigmentation removal for freckles, age spots and all other kinds of excess pigmentation in the skin using the most advanced, international technology.

So if you have unwanted freckles, contact Pigmentation Care By Sia today and enjoy being freckle-free!

Freckle creamFreckle cream
Many people turn to a chemical called HYDROQUINONE, which is in most over-the-counter freckle removing cream. Unfortunately, this substance in freckles cremas can be highly damaging, which is why it is banned in many other countries.
At Pigmentation Care By Sia, we strongly recommend against using these creams containing hydroquinone due to the side effects of this treatment. Instead, we use laser and our amazing, chemical-free skincare products to naturally lighten freckles and help prevent them from coming back.






 Pigmentation Care

How long does it take?
Freckle creams can take many months to work. But freckle removal takes only minutes with laser – around five minutes for your age spots or freckles on the face, and about 15 minutes for bigger areas.

About laser
Unlike bleaching your skin, laser uses no chemicals and is very fast and efective. So don’t use a chemical cream to get rid of your freckles, contact one of the most reputable laser pigmentation removal clinics in Sydney now.

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