Forehead Pigmentation

Forehead pigmentation is quite common and is usually linked to hormones. Forehead pigmentation, often called melasma, is frequent during pregnancy and can form a dark ‘mask’ over the forehead and cheeks that is difficult to cover with makeup.


Similarly, women going through menopause, or those on the pill, often find melasma forms, despite their best efforts to stay out of the sun.

Previously, melasma was the most stubborn form of forehead pigmentation and the most difficult to get rid of. Also, because many pigmentation creams contain harsh chemicals that are banned in other countries, they cannot be used during pregnancy.

But now, Pigmentation Care By Sia has a simple and effective way to get rid of forehead pigmentation, or pigmentation anywhere else, without chemicals, which can be used during pregnancy.

Our lasers are the latest available across the globe. Using specially targeted technology, we measure the precise depth into the skin to target the excess forehead pigmentation and use the laser to destroy it with heat.

This old forehead pigmentation peels off, usually within one to two weeks, revealing even skin underneath. And because this technique does not use any chemical or gels, and does not cross over into your bloodstream, it can be used during pregnancy—meaning that dark melasma masks can become a problem of the past.

So don’t suffer with forehead pigmentation because you think you can’t do anything about it, instead, visit a Pigmentation Care By Sia clinic near you in Castle Hill, Bondi Junction, St Ives and Sydney’s CBD.


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