Feet Pigmentation


Do you want to bare those feet on summer time with some lovely open-toed sandals but are too self-conscious about sun damage? Then contact Pigmentation Care By Sia and find out about the latest in laser pigmentation removal technology.


Feet can be neglected when it comes to sunscreen—how often have you carefully covered up the rest of your body, only to feel the sting of sunburn on your feet?

The result of this accidental exposure is feet pigmentation problems—like freckles, age spots and sun spots. And, as we all know, these kind of dark marks can really ruin a good pedicure!

But thanks to Pigmentation Care By Sia, we can remove feet pigmentation. Our Alexandrite laser technology is the latest technology available in the world today. Older IPL technologies use a spread of light wavelengths to remove hyperpigmentation on the face or body—meaning some of those wavelengths will not be correct, leading to more treatments in the long run. But Alexandrite technology is different. It uses a single and precise wavelength to exactly target the depth of the excess pigment every single time.

What this means for you is faster results. After you very first session (after the old pigment peels off) you will notice a significant difference. And after completing your recommended number of sessions, your tootsies will have a new lease on life!

So get ready for summer now and visit Pigmentation Care By Sia! Clinics are now located in Sydney’s CBD, Castle Hill, St Ives and Bondi Junction. And because each session makes only minutes, you can get it done in your lunch hour!

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