Chest Pigmentation

There is nothing more aging than chest pigmentation. Age spots, freckles, dark solar lentigos and uneven skin tone—they can all add years to the appearance, even if your face is age spot free!

Before and after chest pigmentation pictures

chest pigmentation before chest pigmentation after

Chest pigmentation is common. While many of us put sunscreen on our faces as part of our daily routine, places like the hands, chest, back and shoulders are neglected, and these areas all naturally catch the light.

Chest pigmentation is caused by a malfunction of the skin’s melanocytes—or the cells that control the distribution of melanin. As we age, as after a few sunburns, these melanocytes become unstable, which is what leads to those age spots we all dread.

But Pigmentation Care By Sia is proud to offer the very latest in laser pigmentation removal technology. This new technology uses an exact wavelength of light (unlike the spread of wavelengths used by IPL) to precisely target the excess melanin in the skin and destroy it.

The process takes only seconds, and, after a week or two, this old pigment peels off, revealing an even skin tone and younger-looking skin. After a recommended number of sessions, your chest pigmentation will be all but invisible, and by using our chemical-free skin care, you can keep it at bay.

So if you suffer from chest pigmentation, or pigmentation anywhere else on the face or body, contact Pigmentation Care By Sia for a free consultation today. Clinics are now located in Castle Hill, St Ives, Bondi Junction and Sydney’s CBD.


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