Cheek Pigmentation

Our cheeks have the fewest oil secreting pores of anywhere else on the face. What does this mean? It means they are the least protected when it comes to UV rays.

And after a lifetime in the harsh Australian sun, cheeks are the first to show common signs of aging, like hyperpigmentation.

Cheek pigmentation appears as dark marks, sun spots, freckles, or clumps pigment on the cheeks, and can be very aging.

Cheek Pigmentation

Unfortunately, many people’s first response when they see this skin condition is to turn to harsh over the counter creams, which can make the problem worse.

In fact, a common chemical in these creams, called hydroquinone, is actually banned in many other countries because of the permanent damage it can do to the skin.

Remove Cheek Pigmentation

But now, Pigmentation Care By Sia not only has an effective, chemical-free way to remove cheek pigmentation, it also doubles as a skin rejuvenation treatment!

Using our very precise laser, we can target this excess pigmentation in the cheeks, or anywhere else, and destroy it. After around one to two weeks, this old skin will peel off, revealing a new, more even skin tone underneath.

And after a recommend number of sessions, you can say goodbye to excess pigmentation on your cheeks or anywhere else on the face or body.

If you have a particularly dark skin tone, which is not suitable for laser, we can use our chemical-free skin care to gently fade cheek pigmentation naturally.

So visit us at Pigmentation Care By Sia now for the latest in pigmentation care technology. Now located in Castle Hill, St Ives, Bondi Junction and Sydney’s CBD.


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