Back Pigmentation

Feel like wearing something backless but you are a bit self-conscious about back pigmentation? And while you can cover up sun damage on the face, body sun damage like pigmentation on the back is considerably harder to do.

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Unless you have a personal makeup artist, you are unlikely to spend time covering up freckles and sun spots on the back every time you want to wear something backless.

But now, there is something you can do to not only cover up that back pigmentation, but actually get rid of it!

Using the latest in global laser technology, Pigmentation Care By Sia can target this excess back pigmentation and destroy it.

Back pigmentation is caused by an excess of the skin’s pigment, called melanin. And while melanin is crucial to our survival, an excess of it leads to those dark spots we all know so well.

After a lifetime of sun exposure, not to mention the normal aging process, the melanin in the skin starts to malfunction, and instead of being distributed evenly, starts to clump.

Our laser technology targets those clumps and destroys them. After one to two weeks, this excess pigment peels off, leaving faded marks underneath. After your recommended number of sessions, this pigment is all but invisible to the naked eye.

So don’t put away those backless favourites, call Pigmentation Care By Sia instead!


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