Age Spots Creams

No matter how careful we are in the sun, most of us will get age spots at some stage, whether it is on the face, or arms and hands.

Many people consider using over-the-counter age spot creams out of desperation to remove these unsightly and age-betraying spots. Unfortunately, age spots cream often contains hydroquinone, a chemical substance that is not allowed to be used in other countries because of possible contra indications.

Fortunately, Pigmentation Care by Sia offers an easy, affordable alternative; in fact, laser hyperpigmentation removal is an excellent alternative to the harsh age spots creams.

So if you have a few spots that betray your age and you want to start looking younger, contact Pigmentation Care By Sia today for a free consultation!

Age Spot Cream

Cream for age spots can be pretty hit and miss, not to mention expensive and possibly even damaging to your skin. At Pigmentation Care By Sia, we would never recommend using a chemical cream to fade age spots. Instead, we use laser and the natural pigment inhibitors in our skincare, Chiral Actives and Dermedix, to naturally lighten age spots and stop hyperpigmentation from returning, without harsh chemicals.

How long does it take?
Age spots creams can take weeks or months to achieve a barely noticeable result. But laser hyperpigmentation removal takes only minutes. You will need a few sessions, every few weeks, for the most effective removal of unwanted pigmentation.

Got age spots you don’t want? Visit Pigmentation Care By Sia and enjoy the latest technology and the best clinicians for age spot removal. So get rid of your age spots and book now!

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