Skin Pigmentation Removal

Do you have age spots, sun spots, freckles or other pigmentation? Try our new fantastic laser hyperpigmentation removal treatments and get smooth, even toned and younger looking skin!

Over the years women have become more conscious about their skin and how to keep it young and glowing. They have looked into various methods in an effort to achieve these results. Some have resorted to secret creams promising miracles, chemical peels that may cause severe burns, dermabrasion that may result to bleeding and raw skin for days, injectables, cosmetic surgery and many more painful and invasive treatments.

One of the first signs of aging are the appearance of blotchy, scattered pigmentation on body areas that may have been exposed to UV Rays over the years. When we look at a child’s skin it always glows and has that bright and youthful appearance – this is due to that fact that children do not have uneven skin tone, so when the light hits their skin, it reflects evenly.

Pigmentation causes an uneven reflection of light, making the skin look dull and older.

NOTHING can stop the aging process, but we can slow it down! Today there are treatments and simple routines that one can follow to assist in slowing down the ageing process.

How can we Achieve This?

By removing pigmentation from the skin, we can achieve a glowing, younger looking skin.

Using our state of the art laser equipment at our clinics at Sydney CBD, Castle Hill, St Ives or Bondi Junction, we can remove hyperpigmentation from your face, neck, chest, hands, arms, legs and back in only minutes. You will need a few sessions.

A before and aftercare programme is provided for you to obtain the optimum results from your treatment. We also include an aftercare pack to assist in the healing process. After 2 weeks, we recommend a formulated product range to assist and prevent further pigmentation from occurring.

Younger looking skin and slowing down the ageing process is simple and achievable!

We also recommend our Mediderm Visage medical grade facial after the laser treatments. We also offer a combination of medical grade procedures and skincare including, Mediderm, Bio Light Therapy and Inside Out Peels. These treatments are essential in maintaining and maximising the most out of your results. At the same time, we will also recommend a skincare routine that includes medical grade products to maintain and prevent future pigmentation from occurring.

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Before and After Pigmentation Treatment

Pigment before and after pigmentation photos

Pigmentation before and after

Before & After Images of Skin Pigmentation Treatment

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