Skin Pigmentation

Many Australians suffer from skin pigmentation disorders. It can be pigmentation causing uneven skin tone, brought about by acne, spots on the face or neck, or specific areas, like the nose. Excess pigmentation of the skin is caused by various factors, the main one being UV exposure. The fact is, most Australians have spent a lifetime in the sun, which means a lot of UV exposure on our skin.

The following two images show the results we can achieve after only two treatments.

Skin Pigmentation Before  Skin Pigmentation After 


 Pigmented skin can be embarrassing, not to mention ageing. Previously, there was no cure for pigmentation, and sufferers used thick makeup, or creams  to try and hide or fade it. Sadly, these methods often did not work on spots, and even caused burns.

Fortunately, the most respected laser clinic in Sydney, Pigmentation Care By Sia, now offers laser pigmentation removal. Our laser treatment will reduce, and in some cases, even permanently remove your pigmentation.

So if repeated UV exposure has left you with skin pigmentation and added and years to your appearance, and you want to start looking younger, contact Pigmentation Care By Sia today for a free consultation and say goodbye to sun damage!

Skin Pigmentation
After years of UV damage, our skin starts to look tired and we develop excess melanin or pigmentation. This can appear as an uneven skin tone, dark spots on our upper lip, face, hands and more. These spots of pigment on the skin are usually caused by excessive UV exposure, which ‘overloads’ the melanin, or pigment in our skin.

What causes skin pigmentation?
There are three main causes of excess pigmentation: UV exposure, hormones and skin trauma. Solar lentigos are the technical name for pigmented skin lesions, or sun spots. This is not cancerous and appears on skin areas that are exposed to the sun, in particular on the cheeks, forehead and back of the hands. While most of us are responsible and ‘cover up’ when we go to the beach or to a BBQ, the fact is, it is the incidental sun exposure, such as when we are in the car or out on a cloudy day, that causes most skin damage.
Melasma is pigmentation or skin spots that are stimulated by a combination of estrogen (such as during pregnancy or when taking the pill) and UV rays, and usually appear on the face. Understandably, facial pigmentation removal can be painful and scary – which leads to many sufferers to avoid treatments such as removal creams because of the the side effects they may cause.
Post-trauma hyper pigmentation, which appears as dark or black spots on the skin is caused by trauma to the skin, such as acne, cuts, burns, insect bites and scarring or inexperienced laser technicians using outdated technology.

Products for pigmentation
Many people wonder how to get rid of pigmentation. Despite claims to the contrary, creams, bleaches, whiteners and the array of other products on the market are ineffective. This is due to the fact that these products only treat the surface layer of the skin and do not reach the deeper layers of the skin where the pigmentation actually originates. This includes peels available for pigmentation, the ‘best’ and most expensive creams, and the products used to cover pigmentation. They are all only short-term solutions and your spots are sure to return soon afterwards. Also, some of these products may contain harsh chemicals that can burn or even permanently scar your skin.

How does laser get rid of skin pigmentation?
At Pigmentation Care By Sia, our skin pigmentation treatments use the latest international, Candela Alexandrite laser technology, and not less effective technology such as IPL. Our alexandrite laser is set to an exact wavelength, which is the most effective at attaching to the melanin in your pigment and breaking it down, removing surface pigmentation and treating the deep dermal layers of the skin, where the pigmentation originates.

Will laser work on my pigmentation?
Pigmentation Care By Sia can treat and clear most pigmentation problems. Laser pigmentation removal is the most effective way to treat skin pigmentation caused by sun exposure and hormones. Black spots on the skin caused by trauma is more difficult to remove, but in many cases, we can lighten these using our medical grade skincare. Our lasers work to remove sun spots or pigmentation on any skin tone except for native or very dark skin, however, we can lighten it with our skincare. In the case of certain medium to darker skins which can be susceptible to hyperpigmenting, you will undergo skin treatment prepping prior to your laser treatment to prevent the skin from doing so.

How long does it take?
Treatment takes only minutes with laser, as opposed to using creams, which can take weeks or months to achieve results. Treating pigmentation on the forehead, upper lip and hands takes less than five minutes, larger areas such as the back or legs can take up to 15 minutes. You will also need a few removal sessions.

What are the extra benefits of laser skin pigmentation removal?
Your laser treatment will also rejuvenate your skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production in the treated area, giving you additional skin toning and fine wrinkle reduction, making you look even younger!

About laser
Laser is quick, easy and uses no chemicals. So, if you need a solution for excess skin pigmentation on the face and are tired of using ineffective, harsh pigmentation products, but have not found the right option for you, contact our clinics in Sydney now.

How do I take care of my skin after my laser treatment?
After getting rid of pigmentation, it is important to follow the post treatment regime recommended by your therapist. Do not exfoliate or pick at your skin for two weeks following your treatment, use the advised skin products to assist the healing process and always apply sunscreen on the treated area, even on overcast days, to minimise incidental sun exposure. Pigmentation Care By Sia also has a range of all-natural, chemical-free skin care for pigmentation-prone skin.

Still not convinced?
There are many causes of skin pigmentation, and even more ‘cures’ marketed to reduce it. Creams, or other topical skin pigment treatments, are just not effective as they cannot reach past the first few layers of the skin. Even the best creams for pigmentation use harsh chemicals and do nothing but bleach the surface of the skin. For true pigmentation removal, laser is the only treatment that gets down to the dermal layers of the skin, where the pigment originates. Laser will fade surface spots, while reducing pigmentation from the inside out. To truly remove skin pigmentation, ditch the creams and visit Pigmentation Care By Sia for a free, comprehensive consultation with our professional staff.

Why choose Pigmentation Care by Sia?
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