Pigmentation Removal Costs


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  • Arms – Lower
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  • Back – Upper
  • Back – Full
  • Chest
  • Chest & Shoulders
  • Face
  • Face & Neck
  • Hands
  • Lower Arms & Hands
  • Leg – Lower
  • Neck
  • Stomach
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  • $280
  • $399
  • $380
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  • $550
  • $350
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  • $320
  • $360
  • $180
  • $320
  • $390
  • $180
  • $240

Is the price of age spot removal out of your budget? Does the price of such treatments leave you cold? Excess or hyper pigmentation is very common among men and women in Australia, but some people suffer in silence because they think laser treatment is too expensive.

Hyperpigmentation is simply the technical term for sun spots, freckles, melasma, and skin spots. This condition can be very aging. Previously, treatments for this condition included expensive creams. Unfortunately, use of creams made age spots removal costs and the price for removal of freckles astronomical due to the need for repeated applications over a lifetime. Aside from the high cost, these skin creams often just didn’t work.

But do not let the laser pigmentation removal prices at other clinics put you off because the most respected skin laser clinic in Sydney, Pigmentation Care By Sia, now offers this treatment for a fraction of the price of a lifetime of creams!

We have all seen them: ‘name’ brand laser clinics. They seem to be everywhere. But are you sure you are paying for technology and experience? Or are you paying for a brand? The prices of treatments for skin discolouration and skin lightening can be very high at some laser clinics. Before you pay high prices, make sure that the technology and experience being offered by that clinic is worth it.

Pigmentation Care By Sia is founded on the belief that laser treatments should be accessible to everyone, and with that in mind we have made the cost of skin discolouration removal low without sacrificing technology or experience.

Laser treatment is very effective and will reduce, or even permanently remove, your hyperpigmentation, without the hefty price tag!

Contact us today and say goodbye to age spots, freckles, and skin discolouration with our competitive prices!

Pigmentation Care Costs
Pigmentation removal clinics are popping up all over the place! But can you really trust these cheap operators with your skin? Many clinics use old, outdated technology or let trainees treat your skin! There is no point in undergoing such treatments if it costs you the health of your skin. At Pigmentation Care By Sia, we will not use inexperienced technicians or old technology just so we can charge you a few dollars less. Our prices are competitive and our results speak for themselves.

Skin whitening can cost more than just money – it can cost you your skin. Many products contain hydroquinone, a damaging chemical. But we use natural skin lighteners and pigment inhibitors in our skincare line to naturally achieve lightening of the skin without harsh chemicals or a high price tag. Recognised as one of the best skin lightening treatments available at any cost, our range of skincare improves the quality of your skin.

This condition can be caused by a combinations of factors, like hormones, UV rays, and skin injury. These skin spots can appear anywhere and permanent removal used to mean high prices. But thanks to Pigmentation Care By Sia, after a few treatments your age spots will fade – at a fraction of the pricing charged by ineffective laser clinics or a lifetime of using cream.

Hyperpigmentation removal prices

To get improved result using a cream can cost a fortune. But this treatment takes only minutes with laser and in a few sessions, you’re done! At Pigmentation Care by Sia, our experience and care means the removal of freckles or hyperpigmentation won’t cost you the earth or your skin.

About lasers

Chemical skin pigmentation removal creams cost the earth, and sometimes cost you your skin too. Laser is quick and easy, uses no chemicals, and actually reaches down to the cause of the problem.

Still not convinced?
Tired of the prices of age spots removal? Does the pricing of such treatments make you feel ill? Do you suffer from a lack of confidence because you think removal of your freckles is too pricy? Prices for repetitive use of fading cream are too high. At Pigmentation Care By Sia, we have made this important service effective, as well as affordable.

Why choose Pigmentation Care by Sia?
Many people turn to expensive creams or inexperienced laser clinicians to treat hyperpigmentation. But while their pricing may seem reasonable, it adds up over time. We specialise in pigmentation removal, even on darker skins, and our prices for such treatments are very reasonable. So if you have been wondering about how to treat pigmentation and are tired of the high costs of addressing such skin problems, but haven’t found the right option for you, book now!

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