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The latest in laser pigmentation removal available at You By Sia!

In keeping with You By Sia’s commitment to offering the latest in global technology locally, You By Sia is pleased to present the latest laser technology for pigmentation removal.

Our new Alexandrite laser technology is the most recent technology released in the US and helps to target excess pigment in the skin even more precisely, for faster treatments.

Alexandrite technology is far superior to older laser technology, like IPL, for treatments such as laser hair removal and pigmentation removal, because it can be set to a single, targeted wavelength of light.

The wavelength chosen is the precise length needed to target the melanin in either a hair follicle or in hyperpigmentation, to destroy it. Other technologies, like IPL, use a spread of wavelengths, rather than a single, precise wavelength. What this means is a portion of those wavelengths simply won’t be effective, requiring more treatments over time, at a greater cost.

So visit Pigmentation Care By Sia and ask about our latest technologies for pigmentation and hair removal, cellulite removal, skin firming, teeth whitening and more. Our clinics are now located in Bondi Junction, St Ives, Castle Hill and Sydney’s CBD.

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