Often called illuminating or brightening/whitening creams, these skin discolouration creams can be chock full of chemicals.

And while most of the chemicals contained in skin creams these days, including mineral oil, is bad enough, skin discolouration creams can also contain something called hydroquinone.

Hydroquinone is a skin-bleaching chemical that appears in many skin discolouration creams in Australia, but has been banned in many other countries, including Japan and Europe.

Not only has this ingredient been linked to cancer in rodents, but it also causes a condition called ochronosis, which is a darkening and thickening of some skin types. It also causes a blue/black pigment to build up in some skin types and these spots cannot be removed.

Despite the banning in other countries, this ingredient can still be bought in over the counter creams in Australia, and in larger concentrations on the internet.

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