Pigmentation Type: Age spots and freckles

Susan receives 70% pigmentation reduction and incredible skin rejuvenation after having just 2 treatments!


Years of gardening, living outdoors and smoking left Susan’s skin aged way beyond her years. We performed just two laser pigmentation treatments and got her onto a vigilant skincare routine with our Chiral Actives range. She was thrilled with the results and looks the best she has in years. She has maintained her results by continuing with her skincare products and coming in for other skin treatments. Her confidence and zest for life now shines not only from within, but on the outside too..

Excessive sun exposure and smoking had caused premature aging.

Treatment Plan:
Susan was an ideal candidate for laser pigmentation treatments and also used our Chiral Actives skincare.

Client benefit:
After an in-depth consultation with Pigmentation Care By Sia, our qualified clinicians decided Susan’s skin would respond well to both our skincare and laser pigmentation treatments. Susan now looks the best she has in years and by continuing to use our products and treatments, her results will continue to improve.