Pigmentation Care By Sia is proud to announce that we are the first and only laser skin clinic in Australia to secure the latest technology for the removal of excess skin pigmentation, such as freckles, age spots and sun spots.

Our new alexandrite laser technology has an exact wavelength of light to better target the excess melanin in the skin and remove it, for more effective results compared to other laser equivalents or older technology.

Skin pigmentation removal

Skin pigmentation removal is a boon for those suffering from unwanted age spots, freckles and sun spots. This kind of excess pigmentation can add years to our appearance and affect our confidence.

But now, thanks to the new technology at Pigmentation Care By Sia, pigmentation removal is quick and easy. Following your treatment, the excess pigmentation will form microcrusting, and in a week it peels off to reveal new, unblemished skin. As a bonus, the heat from the laser all has a skin rejuvenation affect, to improve wrinkles and sagging.

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