Skin pigmentation is important. It is this pigment, or melanin, that protects us from damaging UV rays.

Melanin determines our skin colour and is produced by melanocytes in the epidermis. Our melanin is a photo protectant, which means it absorbs harmful UV radiation, protecting us from DNA damage.

But after a lifetime of sun exposure, our melanocytes start to malfunction, causing the melanin in our skin to clump. This skin pigmentation disorder is more commonly known as freckles, age spots, sun spots and liver spots.

Previously, once these age spots started to appear, there wasn’t much that could be done except for potentially harmful skin bleaching using chemicals that are banned in other countries.

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But now, thanks to Pigmentation Care By Sia, the latest in US laser technology is available to treat excess skin pigmentation and restore the even, smooth appearance of the skin.

Our precise laser technology targets the excess melanin and destroys it. And only a week after your treatment, this pigment peels off to reveal far less pigment underneath. If you have a darker skin tone that can’t be lasered, we have natural, chemical-free skin care that reduces excess pigmentation over time.

So if you have a bit of extra skin pigmentation from a lifetime in the sun, visit us at Pigmentation Care By Sia.