Removing pigmentation can be difficult, not only because of the excess pigment itself but because of the misinformation going around about this problem.

Excess pigment, or hyperpigmentation, is caused by a malfunction of the skin’s melanocytes, or the cells that control the production of the melanin in the skin.

As we age, and after years of UV exposure, the melanin starts to clump in our skin, leading to age spots, freckles, sun spots and melasma.

Removing pigmentation is very difficult as it is produced down in the skin’s lower epidermal layers. Pigment is superficial, but unless it is dealt with correctly it will return, and most over the counter products are either chemical or cause photo toxicity.

But Pigmentation Care By Sia has recently imported the latest in laser pigmentation removal technology. This technology precisely targets the excess pigment and destroys it where it occurs.

For those with darker skin tones who cannot use laser, Pigmentation Care By Sia has a range of medical grade pigmentation creams that actually get down to the pigment and fade it from the inside out, leaving your skin clear and pigment-free over time.

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