Are you spending a fortune of pigmentation care costs? When you add up how much you can pay for whitening cleansers, moisturisers, whitening serums and chemical sunscreens—you could be spending many thousands of dollars every year!

And for what? The honour of slathering your face in chemicals that are banned in other countries!

That’s right, pigmentation care costs do not only involve money—much pigmentation care in Australia contains a chemical called hydroquinone, a chemical that is banned in other countries because of its adverse effects.

So rather than your pigmentation care costing you your money and your skin, why not visit a You By Sia clinic near you?

You By Sia just imported the latest laser technology from the US to quickly and effectively reduce pigmentation—so it costs you less in time, expense and skin health!

Our precise laser technology targets the excess melanin in your skin and destroys it. After a few sessions, your skin is clear of age spots, freckles, melasma and sun spots.

You By Sia also has all the information and care you need to prevent the pigment from returning, including physical sunscreens that are far more effective than their chemical counterparts. Visit You By Sia now!