Wondering how to prevent freckles? Pigmentation Care By Sia has a number of very effective strategies to help get rid of and prevent freckles, naturally.

The Australian sun is very harsh and can cause pigmentation disorders all year round. While many people cover up their skin when they go out in the sun, most do not bother covering up on a day to day basis. And it is these small, daily does of UV rays that can cause things like freckles and age spots.

By far the easiest and most effective answer to the question ‘how to prevent freckles?’ is to wear a good, natural mineral sunscreen every single day, all year round.

For existing freckles, Pigmentation Care By Sia recently imported the latest laser technology to target and destroy excess pigment. After a recommended number of laser sessions, freckles, age spots and sun spots will fade, leaving clearer, younger-looking skin.

Our skin care range then takes care of the future ‘how to prevent freckles’. Using our all-natural, chemical-free skin care, we can gently fade freckles and prevent new occurrences.

So if you have been wondering how to prevent freckles, visit Pigmentation Care By Sia and follow these simple tips!