Pigmentation of the skin is very important. Pigmentation is what protects our skin from UV rays and the cancer these rays can cause.

But, due to a lifetime of heavy sun exposure, many Australians have developed pigmentation disorders, such as freckles, age spots sun spots, melasma and skin spots.

These disorders cause a malfunction and a clumping of pigmentation below the surface of the skin. If you’re lucky, these disorders will only cause unsightly skin marks. But if left unchecked, sometimes these pigmentation disorders can develop into larger, more unsightly marks.

If you suffer from age spots, liver spots, sun spots, skin spots, freckles or melasma, there is something you can do about it. Using the latest in laser technology, You By Sia can remove these spots, leaving your skin mark-free.

If you have very dark skin and can’t use laser, we have a range of all-natural whitening creams, to gently remove pigmentation marks without using harsh chemicals like hydroquinone, which can be found in other whitening creams.

So don’t suffer from pigmentation marks for a moment longer, visit You By Sia.