Most Australians suffer from hyperpigmentation in some way because of our high exposure to UV rays during our lifetimes. But thanks to new technology, removal of excess hyperpigmentation is quick and easy.

Hyperpigmentation is the technical term for sun spots, freckles or any excess pigment caused by the melanin in our skin. Hyperpigmentation can appear as uneven skin tone, age spots, sun spots and freckles.

This kind of hyperpigmentation can be very aging, as an uneven skin tone gives our skin a ‘ruddy’ look.

Remove excess hyperpigmentation with new technology at Pigmentation Care By Sia

Pigmentation Care By Sia was recently the first clinic to import the latest in hyperpigmentation removal technology. Using a precise wavelength of light, our new technology targets the hyperpigmentation exactly, and uses heat to remove it.

After a few sessions, your hyperpigmentation will fade, leaving, smooth, unblemished skin. As a bonus, the heat from the laser also causes thermal stimulation, for facial rejuvenation.

It is important to note that laser technology cannot and should not ever lighten your overall skin tone, and you must follow your therapists post-care instructions. Read more about this, or contact us now!