Due to a lifetime of exposure to extreme UV rays, many Australians suffer from skin spots, also known as age spots and freckles.

These dark marks are not only unsightly, but can also be dangerous if unchecked. But Pigmentation Care by Sia has recently imported the latest in laser technology from the US to significantly improve, or even totally remove, unwanted skin spots.

Our precise laser technology targets the excess melanin in your skin spots and destroys it. Following the treatment, microcrusting appears, which peels off within two weeks leaving smooth, skin spot free skin. Following a recommended number of skin spots treatments, skin is significantly clearer, and younger-looking. The excess melanin is also removed, which also benefits skin health.

As a bonus, this new laser technology for skin spots also has a rejuvenating affect on the skin, reducing the appearance of not only skin spots, but fine lines, wrinkles and sagging as well.

So for skin spots removal, visit Pigmentation Care By Sia in Bondi Junction, St Ives, Sydney’s CBD and Castle Hill.