Do you suffer from age spots? Age spots are caused by a malfunction of the skin’s melanin.

Melanin is the substance in our skin that protects us from UV rays, and is produced by cells called melanocytes. As the body ages, melanin distribution becomes more concentrated in some areas and less controlled. Extreme UV exposure, like the kind we all get in Australia, and hormones also stimulate the melanocytes, causing them to become overactive and release excess melanin into the skin. This hyperactivity causes uneven pigmentation, age spots, and even reverse age spots where the skin pigment has disappeared.

The good news is, thanks to the latest in laser technology, you can do something about age spots!

Pigmentation Care By Sia’s new laser technology targets the excess melanin in the skin precisely, and destroys it. Following your laser age spot treatment, a microcrust will develop over the treated area. This peels off in around a week to reveal skin that is virtually age spot free. And after a recommended number of age spot treatments, your age spots will be significantly reduced.

Pigmentation Care By Sia’s age spots treatment can be used anywhere on the face or body, except on the eyelids.

So if you have a few spots that betray your age, visit us at Pigmentation Care By Sia in St Ives, Castle Hill, Bondi Junction and Sydney’s CBD.