Does summer also mean sun spots on your skin? Well, visit Pigmentation Care By Sia and see how we can get rid of your sun spots this season!

Using the latest in laser technology and medical-grade skin care, we can not only help you get rid of unwanted sun spots, we can also assist you in ensuring that they may never return.

Sun spots are caused by a malfunction of our melanocytes—the cells that produce the melanin in our skin. As we age, and after a few too many sunbaking sessions, the melanin starts to clump in the skin, causing freckles, dark spots, sun spots and age spots.

Many people find these spots annoying, as they seemingly appear out of nowhere. But our laser technology very cleverly targets this excess melanin and destroys it using heat. After your first session you will form a microcrust over this pigment, which naturally peels off, leaving yummy, spot-free skin underneath.

And if you follow the post treatment regime recommended by your clinician, you can avoid sunspots in the future.

So contact Pigmentation Care By Sia for an end to sun spots and the beginning of smooth, clear skin! We are now located in Bondi Junction, St Ives, Sydney’s CBD and Castle Hill.