Summer is coming and while that means fun and sun for most Australians, for those with fair skin it means fear of freckles.

Freckles, or pigment spots on the skin, are usually caused by excessive UV exposure, which ‘overloads’ the melanin, or pigment, in our skin. This exposure leads to excess production of melanin and the appearance of freckles. Freckles can appear anywhere you have skin, including your face, arms, legs, chest and hands. Particularly fair skin is prone to freckling, and in some cases exposed skin can take only minutes to freckle in the sun.

But You By Sia knows how you can now get rid of freckles naturally. Unlike harsh chemical creams, You By Sia uses the latest in laser technology to gently get rid of freckles without chemicals. This technology uses a precise wavelength of light that targets the excess melanin in the skin and destroys it. The pigment forms microcrusting, which peels off within two weeks to reveal less pigment underneath. After a recommended amount of sessions, even dark freckles are almost invisible. Post treatment care will be needed to keep freckles from returning.

So visit You By Sia and get rid of freckles naturally!