Skin in Australia is very prone to freckling because of our high exposure to UV rays. But rather than damaging your skin using a chemical cream in an effort to whiten freckles, visit Pigmentation Care By Sia at St Ives, Castle Hill, Bondi Junction or the Sydney CBD and see what we can do for you.

After repeated exposure to damaging UV rays, the skin’s protective pigmentation, or melanin, starts to malfunction, ‘clumping’ in some areas and completely disappearing from others. This clumping of excess pigment is what results in age spots, freckles and sun spots.

This can drive people into using chemical creams for fading freckles. But the problem is, most of these creams contain a damaging chemical called hydroquinone. This chemical is actually banned in other countries around the world and can damage your skin.

Instead, at Pigmentation Care By Sia we use a combination of chemical-free skin care that actually restores damaged DNA and gently breaks up and regulates melanin, along with our laser pigmentation technology.

We recently imported the latest in laser technology from the US. This new technology precisely targets the excess melanin in the skin and, after a number of treatments, skin is smooth and blemish-free.

So see Pigmentation Care By Sia to get rid of sun spots, freckles and age spots now!