When you add up how much you spend on pigmentation care over a year, the costs can be extravagant.

And the costs are not just monetary. Using chemical pigmentation care also costs you your skin. Why? Because Australia has not yet followed the lead of other countries around the world and banned a chemical called hydroquinone from pigmentation care creams. This chemical can be very damaging to your skin and, over the long term, can deposit a blue/black pigment under the skin that cannot be removed.

Instead of wearing unfair pigmentation care costs, contact Pigmentation Care By Sia. We use the very latest in laser technology to target and destroy excess pigmentation, or hyperpigmentation, in the skin. As a bonus, the laser also stimulates collagen and elastin production, so you get skin rejuvenation while removing your age spots, freckles and other skin spots.

Using laser to remove pigmentation also means saving in pigmentation care costs, as you will no longer have to buy those expensive chemical pigmentation creams that can take weeks, if not months, to achieve what laser achieves after your very first treatment.

So contact Pigmentation Care By Sia now and say goodbye to outrageous pigmentation care costs!