Looking to fade hyperpigmenation? Visit You By Sia for the latest technology and treatment to gently and effectively fade hyperpigmenation.

Hyperpigmentation can describe any kind of excess pigmentation in the skin, including age spots, skin spots, liver spots, sun spots, freckles and melasma. Hyperpigmentation can age the skin prematurely and require daily makeup application to hide these ‘dirty’ looking marks.

But now, You By Sia has imported the latest in laser technology to fade pigmentation. Using this precise laser technology, we target the excess melanin in the skin and destroy it. After a recommended number of treatments, your pigmentation fades, leaving clearer skin.

In the case of darker skin tones that make not be able to use laser, we have a range of chemical-free medical grade skin care that gently and effectively fades hyperpigmentation and post acne marks over time.

It is important to follow your clinician’s post treatment care recommendations and to wear a physical sunscreen daily following your treatments.

So contact You By Sia now to fade hyperpigmentation without chemicals.