Despite our very best efforts, freckles are often unavoidable in the hot Australian summer. In fact, only a few minutes in the harsh summer sun can cause fair, unprotected skin to burn.

But instead of turning to a whitening skin product to keep those freckles at bay, why not contact Pigmentation Care By Sia?

Using the latest in laser technology, we can reduce freckles significantly without chemicals. And by simply using our chemical-free, medical-grade skin care, we can keep them at bay.

Whitening skin products have two major drawbacks: one is that they take a very long time to work. The other is that they contain harsh chemicals, including hydroquinone, which is actually banned in some other countries.

Pigmentation Care By Sia’s whitening treatments use no chemicals whatsoever. The latest in laser technology is used to attach to the excess melanin in the skin and destroy it.  This process forms a micro crust, which peels off in a week revealing fewer freckles underneath.

If you are considering laser pigmentation removal, then it is very important to follow the post-treatment care plan recommended by your therapist. Please note that the treatment cannot be applied while you have a tan.

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