Trying to get rid of age spots with an age spot cream? Age spots creams can be very, very slow to work, not to mention possibly very damaging to your skin.

This is because Australia is lagging behind other countries in the world that have already banned a chemical called hydroquinone for use in topical age spot creams. This chemical, if used over the long term, can deposit a blue/black pigment into your skin, which can never be removed, and is still allowed to be used in Australian pigmentation creams.

Age spot cream is also so…very…slow…zzzzzzzzz….with results taking weeks, if not months, to appear.

But now, using the latest technology available at You By Sia, we can get rid of your age spots in only a few sessions. Using the latest laser technology, we target the excess melanin in things like age spots, freckles, sun spots and melasma, destroying it instantly. After about a week, the destroyed pigment starts to peel off, leaving clear skin.

This laser treatment also has a rejuvenating effect on the skin that our clients absolutely love. So don’t wait around for your potentially damaging age spot cream to finally start working, visit You By Sia and be age-spot free before you know it!