As we age, and after a lifetime in the hot Australian sun, the pigment in our skin, or melanin, becomes unstable resulting in sun spots or dark age spots.

These dark age spots are caused by the clumping of this damaged pigment in this skin and once they are there, they don’t fade.

Many people turn to fading or whitening creams in an effort to get rid of age spots. But the reality is, this cream can be very damaging to your skin and may even contain a chemical called hydroquinone, which is banned in many other countries.

Pigmentation Care By Sia recently imported the latest laser technology from the US to treat age spots. Using a single, precise wavelength of light, excess pigment is destroyed, reducing the appearance of age spots, sun spots, freckles, melasma and other hyperpigmentation disorders.

And unlike chemical creams, laser pigmentation removal for age spots uses no chemicals and actually has a rejuvenating affect on the skin.

So if you suffer from age spots, contact Pigmentation Care By Sia in Castle Hill, St Ives, Bondi Junction and Sydney’s CBD.