Excess skin pigmentation, or hyperpigmentation as it is sometimes known, is a malfunction of the skin’s pigment causing brown spots, freckles, age spots and melasma.

The skin’s pigment is controlled in the epidermis by cells called melanocytes. When exposed to the sun, they release a substance called melanin into the skin to protect our DNA from UV damage—a process commonly known as a tan.

But as we age, combined with constant UV exposure, these melanocytes can sometimes start to malfunction, leading to those unsightly spots.

But UV exposure isn’t the only bad guy when it comes to the causes of skin pigmentation. Hormones are also a major factor, leading to a condition called melasma, which appears as a dark ‘mask’ on the face during pregnancy or while taking the pill.

I have hyperpigmentation problems, what can I do?

Another cause of skin pigmentation is vitamin A, or retinoid creams. These creams can sometimes cause photosensitivity of the skin and an increase in dark marks when the skin is exposed to the sun.

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