If you have a hyperpigmentation issue, such as age spots, liver spots, freckles, sun spots or melasma, then the best, most effective treatment by far for pigmentation is laser pigmentation removal.

And the best, most effective laser technology for pigmentation removal is at You By Sia.

We recently imported the latest laser technology from the US for our pigmentation removal treatments. This technology emits an exact wavelength of light, to precisely target the pigment and destroy it.

After your recommended number of sessions, pigmentation disorders are faded, leaving clearer, younger looking skin.

And for those who have darker skin tones and shouldn’t use laser technology, You By Sia can also help you. Using our natural, chemical free, medical grade skin care, we can gently and effectively reduce pigmentation on darker skin tones.

I have dark skin – can I use laser? Find out here.

So visit a Laser By Sia clinic in Castle Hill, St Ives, Bondi Junction or the Sydney CBD for the best treatment for pigmentation available today worldwide.